What is a Secure Dog Walking Field?

Secure dog walking fields or dog play parks are fields or secure spaces for private hire. With acres of open spaces, you can exercise your dog without the fear of them running off. You can walk them off lead and let them enjoy the freedom to run, sniff and play.

There are so many benefits for your dog trying out one of these facilities! Take a look at some of the reasons why...

Reasons to try a Secure Dog Play Park

Exercising your Dog - Keeping your dog on the move is such an important part of being a pet parent. We all know that dogs need regular exercise to keep them active, fit and mentally stimulated.

Your dog can roam free in a safe secure environment that helps them explore new adventures. Whilst allowing them to enjoy their new surroundings and burn off excess energy.

Some dog play parks supply agility equipment, tunnels, paddling pools, and outdoor toys. 

Socialising your Dog - Dogs are pack animals and the majority love to mix with other dogs. If your canine friend loves to socialise, some of these parks offer open sessions. Or if you prefer, you can organise a play date with your dog walking friends and their pets. Not only does your pooch get to play with their pet pals you get that social interaction too.

Training your Dog - A dog field is an ideal space to work on training your dog in the rules of park etiquette. It allows you the opportunity to teach them with no distractions. You can concentrate on improving a dog with poor recall or learn some new tricks. If you want to test your dog's agility and listening skills some parks offer onsite apparatus.

Making a Safe Space for your Dog

Do you have a timid or nervous dog that needs a safe space away from others? Or a dog recovering from an injury and you want to ensure a calm relaxed environment? 

Have you become a new pet parent and want to spend some quality time with your new puppy? You can build their confidence and bond with them knowing there is no risk of interruption.

Well, a secure dog field is an ideal place for that.

Where to find Secure Fields and Dog Parks near you

There are now over 500 secure dog fields listed in the UK. You can hire out these fields from 30 minutes to an hour, or even by the day. But please enquire before you book to see what each park offers.

If you would like to find out more, please visit www.dogparksnearme.co.uk. Type in your postcode, select a radius and find a list of enclosed secure dog parks near you.

Woof Woof, what are you waiting for!